The Lighthouse Celebrates TWO!

THE LIGHTHOUSE: 2nd Anniversary

On June 12, 2014, after two years of renovations, The Lighthouse officially opened its doors. Surrounded by city officials, local vendors, friends, and family, we cut the ribbon and dove right in. 


Since that wonderful evening, we've had the extreme privilege of bearing witness to several dozen wedding ceremonies, engagement parties, baby showers, anniversaries, graduations, and even a handful of memorial services. To be entrusted as the backdrop for SO many momentous occasions, and to know we'll forever be intertwined in the history of so many lives, is not something we take lightly. We take pride in what we do, and we appreciate our amazing clients, not only for choosing to join our Lighthouse family, but for being the amazing, down-to-earth people that truly make our job enjoyable.

Last year, our One-Year Anniversary was coupled with a celebration for winning "Marina of the Year". Out of all of the "small" marinas in the nation--The Glen Cove Marina ranked number one. We surely couldn't have accomplished this without the support of all of our clients and vendor friends. Because not only have we had the privilege of working with the best clients around, we've also established some amazing connections and relationships with the most incredible vendors. The support, encouragement, and kindness we've been shown has been overwhelming. 


We'll soon be rolling out our "Vendor Spotlight" feature on the LH Blog (along with several other features to help spruce things up around here), so you'll get to know some of these incredibly talented Bay Area event professionals soon enough. 

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for making these past two years in business so wonderful--we look forward to infinite more! 



What a dream it would be to fall in love with and marry your best friend…. Well, lucky for LH couple Rowena and Matt, that dream is coming true! In less than two weeks, this happy pair will be done fine-tuning every last detail for their wedding day, and will finally exchange their vows and begin a new chapter as a married couple. As we begin the start of a new wedding month, we share the story of how these high school friends turned in to lifetime sweethearts.

1) How did you and Matt meet?

(By Rowena)

We met in high school and we've known each other since the 10th grade. Over the years we ran into each other at social functions since we had mutual friends. Later on in college, we crossed paths on campus and gradually spent more time together. Our friendship ultimately developed into a romantic relationship. To this day, we have the same group of friends since high school and I consider him to be my best friend.

2) What's the proposal story? 

We spent the day in Half Moon Bay with our dog, Mika. I had a funny feeling that he was going to propose, but it wasn't until the end of the day when we were heading back to the car when he asked to sit down on a bench. We were on a walking path and had a beautiful view of the beach. Matt's proposal was very coy and cute; he was nervous when he popped the question. Matt still gets a little embarrassed when I tell the story, but its a day I'll never forget.

3) What made you decide to book The Lighthouse for your big day? 

We grew up in Vallejo and our family lives close to The Lighthouse. We were quite surprised to learn that a wedding venue was available in Glen Cove! This is the perfect location for our family and friends. We love the ambiance, east coast vibe and the unique, quaint character of the place. The Inn located above was a definite plus and the flexible hours to access the venue allowed us to create our vision of a perfect day.

4) What are you most looking forward to about your wedding? 

Planning a wedding is without a doubt very stressful! All of the time and effort spent planning the fine details will all be worth it on May 21st, 2016. We can't wait to enjoy cocktail hour, dinner and dancing with our closest family and friends. This embarks the start of our new life together, a new chapter in our journey with more memories to come.!

While we wait to see all of Rowena and Matt’s hard work come to life, we can’t say enough how delighted we are that The Lighthouse will be the backdrop for all of their fondest wedding day memories!


COUPLE'S SPOTLIGHT: Tabitha and Ross

COUPLE'S SPOTLIGHT: Tabitha and Ross

We first met Tabitha and Ross over a year ago--we can hardly believe their big day is already in less than a month! Read below to learn a bit more about these two cuties.


Rowing! I had recently moved to the area and I had made a girlfriend who suggested that I come out and row with her. Since I had never tried it I thought I would give it a go. I started rowing with the women's team regularly and one night we had an open seat in the boat, so the coach reached out to the mixed team for participation and little did I know, but my future husband showed up that night.


Ross was rowing on the men's team for the Alcatraz Island race, which is in very difficult water. I had volunteered to be the bow hook- which is essentially the coach/cheerleader who sits behind the rowers and encourages and corrects them. That year, Alcatraz was terrible!! Only one team crossed the finish line, the rest had to be towed in or use a separate entrance. We were on the water for about 2 and half hours, but going nowhere. After that we decided to hang around the city for the day and it ended up coming up. I don't think he had planned it that way, but it was perfect.


 Love at first sight! We had looked at several venues and nothing seemed to fit our personality or style. When we walked in to the Lighthouse it was perfect. Simple, yet fantastically elegant and right on the water- where we used to row together. It just seemed perfect!


Family! I'm so excited to bring our families together.


And we are lucky to be able to witness the joining of your two families! See you next month, Tabitha and Ross!