Spring is officially here and wedding season is upon us! This sweet couple has been waiting for the beautiful sunshine to come out and not only so they can explore the outdoors, go on trips, or enjoy a nice long hike together. This Spring, Lighthouse couple, Beth + Andy, get to look forward to their beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony on our West Lawn where they will begin the start of their lifelong trip to marital bliss!

For those who don’t believe that true love can be found through online dating, think again! Beth and Andy sure proved us wrong; the connection between these two is electric! Today we share their unique love story, and in just a few short weeks we get to help them celebrate their love.

How did you and your significant other meet?

(In her words)

Andy and I met on-line (POF) in December 2013. At first I didn’t want to do on-line dating but with the help of my girlfriend who is now married to a man she met on the same site, I decided to give it a try. Our 1st meeting was for coffee at Caffe Trieste on Piedmont Ave. in Oakland.

Shortly thereafter, we discovered we both liked hiking and the outdoors. Our 1st official date was at Muir Woods. Ever the planner, Andy mapped out our hike from the park entrance to Stinson Beach with a relaxing bus ride up the hill afterwards. The hike to Stinson was fun and we enjoyed hanging out on the beach together. When it came time for the bus ride back, we ran into a problem. The bus doesn’t run in the wintertime. With an hour of daylight left, we hitchhiked and sped-walked up the 4-mile Steep Ravine Trail. Then we took a different local bus and walked the final mile guided by the lights on Andy’s cell phone screen. It was very romantic. I was a good sport about everything and agreed to give him another chance. The rest is history. We’ve enjoyed numerous road trips, movies, and laughter-filled evenings at home ever since.

What's the proposal story? 

(In his words)

I was planning to ask Beth to marry me on a hike we really like at Point Lobos (Monterey) around Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, it rained that day and I had a stomach flu, so we scratched the hike and spent the morning at a museum. I didn’t want to ask her at the museum (and I was getting anxious carrying the ring around in my pocket all morning), so I suggested we take a walk on a path near the ocean after the museum (it was kind of drizzling at that point).

It’s a fairly busy path and I was worried about finding a private spot where I could ask her. Fortunately, we came across an open area and Beth and I walked out on the rocks near the water. I got down on one knee in front of her and she said “why don’t you come sit next to me”. “Uhhh, no I’m fine here,” and I proceeded to pull out the ring.
I was planning to say the following: “The last three years have been three of the best and happiest years of my life. We have so much fun together. We've taken some wonderful trips. You put up with all my quirks and all the weird things I do. We make a good team. You're sweet and kind and beautiful and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?”

Unfortunately, I got a little off-track and forgot some of what I was going to say. Fortunately she said “yes” anyway.

What made you decide to book The Lighthouse for your big day? 

The Lighthouse was the 1st venue we looked at followed by 3 more. There were so many things we liked about the Lighthouse: The intimacy and how private the location is, the wrap around porch (Beth’s favorite), the Inn located upstairs, the layout, the succulents and trees, the marina. Most importantly, we love the staff at the Lighthouse. You guys are so warm and friendly and easy to talk to…and you’ve been so incredibly helpful throughout the whole process. Brittanie, Crystal, and Marie, you are the BEST!! Thank you, thank you for everything you’re doing for us!

What are you most looking forward to about your wedding? 

(Beth) The exchanges of our vows. Looking at his eyes while I say the things I want to say in front of our family and friends are crucial, how I want to let all of them know how much I love this person in front of me. And to party afterwards!

(Andy) I’m excited to see her in her dress and walking down the aisle toward me. And putting the ring on her finger – that’ll be special. It’ll be wonderful to see all our friends and family too, and have everyone there to celebrate us.

Beth and Andy, thank you for making our jobs easy! You two exude the same kindness that we mirror back to you. We are so grateful to be part of your ongoing love story, and can’t wait to coordinate your special day! It will be here before you know it ;)