I still remember first meeting Audrey and Michael when they came to book their wedding with us. They were so in love! Anytime I'd ask a question, Audrey would glance over at Michael and ask him what he thought before responding. And every time Audrey would speak, Michael would just look at her with a smile drawn across his face. You could just tell there was a deep connection, a genuine union, and a real sense of companionship there.

It had been at least a few months from the time they booked to their big day here at The Lighthouse last Saturday. I went down to greet Michael before the ceremony was set to start, and he still had a smile drawn across his face, but it was bigger this time around! Yet, he still had the same glimmer in his eye when I asked him how he was feeling, and he said, "I can't wait... I am just so, so excited!" and I knew he really meant it!

While this #FlashbackFriday post highlights their story before their now-newly-wed bliss, we are certain they will have many highlights to come!   

(Photos courtesy of Ari Faye Photography)

How did you and Michael Meet?

(By Audrey)

Michael and I met about 5 years ago through a group of mutual friends. A few of them suggested the idea of us dating to him, and then we started hanging out! The rest is history! 

What's the proposal story? 

We went on a hike at Rockville Park in Fairfield, Ca for our first date. We went back there on the morning of December 4, and when we got there he handed me a cute photo album that he put together of all of our pictures (in chronological order, how cute is he?!)

We walked through the park until we got to the pond, and that's where he dropped on one knee! Our parents were there as well as my brother & sister-in-law, and the matron of honor & best man! It was an amazing day!

What made you decide to book The Lighthouse for your big day? 

I stumbled across The Lighthouse on Instagram, and I knew that it was definitely something worth seeing! While we were touring the venue, Michael said "Aud, I love this place!" So I knew that we had to book it for our wedding! 

What are you most looking forward to about your wedding? 

Michael: I am looking forward to finally marrying my best friend and spending the day surrounded by the people who love and support us the most - our friends and family. 

Audrey: He took the words right out of my mouth! 

We wish these two love birds nothing but the best!