Working in the wedding industry, we hear a lot of proposal stories, but rarely do we come across any as unique and awesome as our next #LHCouple, Samantha and Brendan's, who are tying the knot tomorrow! 

The couple, who booked back in May of last year, are in the final stages of prepping for the biggest day of their lives, and we can't wait to see it all unfold! Read on to hear (and even watch) how Brendan's proposal went above and beyond!

(Photos courtesy of Brendan Reiss)

How did you and Brendan Meet?

(By Samantha)

We met in a bar/bistro in Cole Valley in San Francisco on a Saturday evening in 2013. I was quietly working on my laptop when I was invited to have a drink with his group. We chatted and instantly found we had a lot of things in common and stayed in touch from there.

What's the proposal story? 

I'm British and my family live in England. We (Brendan, myself and his sons (Ayden and Alec, twins aged 9)) visited England in March last year for a 10 day trip which included my twin sister's wedding. It was a busy trip and I didn't expect him to propose a couple of days after my sister's wedding in a park in Greenwich, London. He did it in a very unique fashion which embraced his love of Star Wars as well as showing off how creative and imaginative he is. He organized everything from the US in advance. He filmed the event, and it made the national newspapers in England. Click here to watch the proposal video!

What made you decide to book The Lighthouse for your big day? 

Having family so far away (I have friends and family in England, Scotland, Australia; Brendan's parents live on Maui) we wanted somewhere that we could bring everyone together in a relaxing, peaceful and secluded venue, close to home (we live in Benicia).  Brendan and I also love the British seaside and have a kayak so knew we wanted to find something by the water. So the lighthouse seemed perfect!

What are you most looking forward to about your wedding? 

We are looking forward to having our friends and family experience the wonderful California weather (fingers crossed it doesn't rain!) and lifestyle that we have here. I'm looking forward to decorating the venue in our own style, with a wide range of drinks, entertainment and wonderful food (Scott's are doing our catering). i'm also excited about the fact that Brendan and i will be staying the night at the venue, which makes it super easy for us and hopefully we will get a little peace in the morning before back to the family chaos!!

We are SO excited to see what this fun couple has planned for their big day tomorrow! Will R2-D2 make an appearance? We certainly hope so ;)