It's a busy fall here for weddings at The Lighthouse and we are so grateful to get to coordinate the wedding of this next featured couple, Criselda and Evan! C+E first booked with us back in March, and we've spent the past couple months helping them plan from afar (they currently live in Southern California).

What we love most about coordinating wedding's is that we get to know more about the happy couple beyond their initial tour or email exchanges. One of the cool thing's about this particular couple is that Disney is not only the company that Criselda works for, but is also the place where Evan planned a magical proposal for his bride-to-be!

How did you and Evan meet?

(By Criselda)

Evan and I met at Vintage High School our freshmen year. Did not start dating until our senior year.

What's the proposal story? 

It was another normal day in Southern California. We planned to do errands in the morning, go to Disneyland for most of the day and have dinner at Ruth Chris. We had breakfast at my local dim sum restaurant, picked up a dress for dinner, and headed to the Most Magical Place on Earth. Just before entering we met our with one of our good Disney friends who hooked us up with fast passes for the rest of the day! Every ride was walk on for us. We practically conquered both parks in recorded time.

When it was getting close to dinner time, Evan mentioned that we should start heading out to get ready for dinner. After getting ready in the car he says we're not eating at Ruth Chris. At the moment, I realized we were eating at Club 33, one of the places on my bucket list to eat at. We've been to the Club before, but not eaten because reservations were always booked so many months in advance, although he wouldn't admit we were eating there until we actually got to the door and rang the bell.

After getting checked in and seated we ate a beautiful 6 course meal. Everything from salmon to lamb and filet mignon. As we were finishing our 5th course Evan asked if I wanted to see the balcony. I said yes. Once we got to the balcony, there was white rose petals scattered everywhere and a white table with candles. I didn't think anything of it since the Club always has fancy stuff going on, and I assumed it wasn't for us. Evan tells me he needs to grab something and to just watch a video he created. The video he created was snippets of our past adventures together; Tahoe snowboarding, Grand Canyon, Disneyland, and more. Later it rolls into our parents congratulating us for getting engaged! The video ends and he tells me to turn around and he's there behind me on one knee with an Up Adventure Book with my ring inside. Clearly, I said yes but I was in total shock. I couldn't even get myself to move. 

What made you decide to book The Lighthouse for your big day? 

Evan and I are the few of our families that don't live in the Northern California area and we knew we wanted all of our family to be there. We opted out of a destination wedding because that would cut our family attendance in half, which was a big priority for us. After quite a few researches and location visits, it came down to the flexibility, price, and quaintness The Lighthouse offered us. The location is such a hidden gem you wouldn't even believe it was in our hometown! 

What are you most looking forward to about your wedding? 

We're both very excited to be a married couple. We've grown up and been together so long it's time to start growing together as one. As for the wedding we're looking forward to spending the day with all of our loved ones. We can't wait to witness the happiness, love and joy we always see in pictures. 

This story reminds us of the Winnie the Pooh quote, "as soon as I saw you, I knew a grand adventure was about to happen." We are so excited to be part of Criselda and Evan's next adventure, and look forward to seeing the magic come November!