For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Brittanie, and I am the Sales + Event Coordinator here at The (amazing) Lighthouse at Glen Cove Marina. I, along with the lovely Marie Masa, am one of the coordinator’s that you may have e-mailed, called, or even seen running around the property on event days! How did I end up here? Well, I like to think it’s because of the “3 P’s” (as I like to call them): passion, patience and persistence. Mix that with a background in design, plus a knack for organization and you might just say it was inevitable. But honestly I didn’t realize this would be one of my life callings until recently.

I’ve always had a love for organization and planning. Whether it was a vacation, a birthday party, or something as simple as planning the day ahead… I was (and still am) so down for it! While in college for Fashion Design, I took part in a handful of fashion shows as a designer and eventually thought to myself, “I could totally plan my own fashion show!” I mean, why not mix two of my passions, right? Well around that time I found myself faced with the opportunity to do so when the Philippines was struck with a tragic typhoon. Being Filipina, I immediately wanted to help and found myself soon spearheading a group of friends and family who worked together to create Healing Our Roots - a fashion show fundraising event here in Vallejo that not only showcased my own designs and those of my talented friends, but ultimately brought the community together to raise awareness and monetary, food, and clothing donations to send to the Philippines as a sign of hope. The success of the event made me realize how I could make a positive impact in others’ lives by doing what I loved. That was the start of it all. From that point, I helped planned yet another event raising funds for the Philippines when it was sadly struck by another typhoon a few years later, took part in multiple other fashion shows and design showcases, and slowly started helping plan family parties and events.

Because I was still working in the fashion industry after graduating college in 2011, I never thought I’d see myself actually working and being part of the events industry. I always thought it was just something that I loved to do, and that I would maintain my presence in fashion while planning events on the side. Eventually, I began only working part-time (due to crazy commute hours and just overall stress and burnout), which left me with ample time on my hands. I thought to myself, “well, why not try to find an internship in the events industry just to get my foot in the door and learn something new?”

That’s when I happened upon The Lighthouse’s Instagram page, and what do you know? They had recently posted that they were looking for an intern! So obviously I jumped at the opportunity and sent my resume and cover letter over to Marie only to find out that the intern position had been filled. I thought, “ugh, it’s not meant to be… oh well.” Then Marie e-mailed again and mentioned that there was a part-time sales position opening and asked if I was interested – I was, but this time didn’t work out because of conflicting schedules with my other job. I thought for sure that it just wasn’t going to happen. Was I bummed? Absolutely. But that didn’t stop me from giving up! Not long after that, I quit my job in fashion and life headed in a completely different direction - I wanted to become a yoga teacher! I had been practicing for a couple years before that, fell in love with the practice, and knew that I could totally share my love of yoga with the community. And it was during my yoga teacher training that my interest and love for events grew even stronger.

At that time, I was given the honor (and challenge) of helping my best friend and her fiancée plan their wedding. I know, so exciting, right? WRONG! LOL. Okay, not entirely wrong. I must say I was 100% flattered that they asked me to help them plan such a huge occasion, and I was passionate about it being it was for my best friend after all. But in reality, I was scared. I didn’t want to under-deliver; I had only dealt with smaller scale events and parties up to that point, and had no idea how much time, attention, patience, and energy it would take to successfully pull off a wedding. Needless to say, it was a huge challenge that not only tested my abilities and gave me many learning opportunities, but also led me to realize my potential in this seemingly new world of events. And might I add that they were completely satisfied with the turn out of their big day :)

It must have been the Universe working it’s magic because not long after I finished my training to become a yoga instructor (and just a few weeks after my best friend’s wedding bliss subsided), I stumbled onto The Lighthouse website on a Thursday to find that they were concluding interviews for a new Sales + Event Coordinator position that week. I e-mailed Marie that night with my updated resume and cover letter, interviewed with her Friday, and got the job on Monday!

Fast-forward a few months, a long blog post, and many events later, and here we are! Moral of the story? Don’t give up on your passions. I am happier than ever to be working here (and still teaching yoga), learning the ins and outs of the event industry alongside the wealth of knowledge that is Marie Masa! I feel right at home at The Lighthouse and am so grateful that everything aligned to bring me here. Not only am I passionate, but I am driven and open to gaining new experiences, meeting crazy-talented industry folks, and to finding ways that I can bring my design background into this big new world. But the part I look forward to most? The opportunity of working with YOU! Until then…