We were delighted to hear that Crystal and JD wanted to participate in our LH Couple's Spotlight! The happy couple booked with us in April of last year and are less than a month away from finally saying, "I Do!" Just looking at their pictures, we couldn't wait to hear the story behind how they met. Read on to find out how... (P.S. It's a good one!)

Professional engagement photos courtesy of Rochelle Wilhelms Photography (Whitetail Weddings)

1) How did you and JD meet?

(By Crystal)

We met at the Saddle Rack! I was out on a girl's night, and he was out with his guy friends. Shania Twain's "Man I Feel Like a Woman" came on and I was excitedly making a music video in my imagination. When I heard the line, "Men's shirts, short skirts" I reached out for the closest "men's shirt" I saw, and it was JD! We spent the rest of the night dancing, talking, and (let's be honest) kissing. He got my number when we left, and immediately started texting and setting up a first get together.

2) What's the proposal story? 

JD planned the proposal for a long time to surprise me. He sent a friend of mine with me on a secret mission to see the rings I liked, and started talking to her to plan it all. We went to Carmel on a day I had off of school with my friend and her boyfriend. We had a little picnic on the beach and then decided to go into Carmel for some lunch. On our walk back to the car, we stopped at my favorite tree to take some pictures. The next thing I knew, my daughter Kinsey was reading a note. I was listening to her, trying to figure out what she was saying and where this came from. She read the words "will you marry me?" and I looked over at JD and he was down on one knee holding a ring. I said yes - of course! - and was so happy and surprised!

3) What made you decide to book The Lighthouse for your big day? 

We were looking for a place that was beautiful, perhaps "beachy", had an option to stay on site, and flexible/open for us to really customize the event to what we were looking for. I saw an advertisement for The Lighthouse in a wedding magazine I picked up at a Wedding Fair, and thought it looked great. From a little internet research, it seemed like it was within our budget and open to us making the event our own. We made an appointment, and within 5 minutes we were sold! We actually had another appointment at a different venue the next morning, and we were suddenly completely uninterested. We booked on the spot, and cancelled the other appointment with no regrets!

4) What are you most looking forward to about your wedding? 

We most look forward to the time spent with loved ones having a great big party. It will be amazing to see all the pieces we've been planning for so long come together! Food trucks, dessert table, our own signature cocktails, beanbag games on the lawn, photography... it's going to be the best party ever in one of the most beautiful places I've seen in a long time.

We certainly cannot wait to see all of what this fun-loving couple has in store for their big day!