Incorporating Family Into Your Wedding Day

For some brides or grooms, it's a ring passed along from Grandma or a dress from their mom. Most of us want to find some way to honor family, both present and passed, on our wedding day. 

For me it was important to honor as many family members as possible. As seen above--I carried a clutch from my Nana and tucked one of her silver sixpence into my shoe (she collected coins and it's supposed to be a good luck charm on your wedding day). Also, instead of a standard candy buffet, we offered our guests a See's Candies Buffet in honor of my Grandma Mary--she worked in the See's factory for years before she passed. And although I didn't wear my mom's old wedding dress, I did use some of the lace from her gown as a wrap for my bouquet. 


So what is it for you? How will (or did) you incorporate your family or heirlooms?